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About Corsicana Bedding

The American Mattress Brand

Corsicana Bedding, Inc. was founded in 1971 as Tipton Manufacturing, Inc. in Corsicana, Texas as a manufacturer of furniture and mobile home bedding. Forty years later, Corsicana Bedding is a leader in producing quality mattresses and sleep systems. Year after year, Corsicana has risen to the challenge of maintaining cutting edge technology in an ever evolving sleep industry. By continually growing and increasing production levels, Corsicana has solidified their position as a major player in a competitive industry.

A Respected Reputation

Over the years, Corsicana has become one of the most respected bedding manufacturers in the United States as well as in select international regions. Providing quality and value has always been at the heart of Corsicana's business model, and it continues to drive their personalized service and relationships both at home and abroad today. Corsicana has proudly provided consumers with American made bedding and mattresses since the company was formed. Now, more than ever, sleepers all across the country are seeking products made right here at home, and thousands have been drawn to Corsicana's undying dedication to keeping their operations on American soil. Maintaining the tradition of exclusively producing mattresses in the USA has allowed Corsicana to provide both retailers and customers with some of the best values in the industry. Having grown into one of the largest mattress manufacturers and the largest private label producer in the industry, Corsicana is still focused on offering consumers unmatched value.

Quality Rest for Every Sleeper

Corsicana produces supportive sleep sets for consumers at every stage of life. With mattresses ranging from entry-level to premium lines that feature the latest in sleep technology, Corsicana allows consumers to get the most bang for their buck at every price point. By continuously developing new products and integrating new components, Corsicana can produce mattresses that will suit sleepers in a range of comfort designations. With this broad range of designs, every sleeper can get quality rest on a Corsicana mattress. I-30 Mattress Outlet is proud to offer Corsicana mattresses at unbeatable prices. With a wide selection of both innerspring and memory foam models,  I-30 Mattress Outlet has a Corsicana mattress for every type of sleeper. Find your perfect Corsicana mattress today!