Hybrid cars, hybrid energy, hybrid bicycles, hybrid animals — those are the things we tend to think about when we hear the word “hybrid.” We know it basically means combining two or more things to create a new and improved version or process that adapts to current needs. So, what the heck is a hybrid mattress? And is a hybrid mattress the right mattress for me?

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What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses combine the comfort of a 50/50 ratio of individually pocketed innerspring with memory foam layers on top to provide a dreamy blend of luxury support for a restful night’ sleep. Hybrid mattresses are among the latest and greatest products in sleep technology. A large percentage of people who could benefit from sleeping on a hybrid mattress, don’t know they should be looking for one during their mattress shopping journey.

Who Can Benefit From Sleeping On A Hybrid Mattress?

If you’re the kind of sleeper that likes the mix of bounciness and the melting-into-the-mattress feeling you get with memory foam, a hybrid mattress might be the bed for you. With more support than a standard memory foam mattress, hybrid beds make sleeping, reading, watching television or having breakfast in bed a more comfortable experience than you might get with a regular mattress. In a study performed by Furniture Today and Apartment Therapy, mattress reviews showed that when evaluating performance and popularity, consumers highly favored hybrids, with those beds reaching a higher satisfaction score than any other type of sleep set. Hybrids are the fastest growing segment of the mattress industry!

What Makes Hybrid Mattresses Unique?

There are five main components that separate hybrid mattresses from the rest:

  1. Pocketed Coil Technology reduces motion transfer caused by tossing and turning, helping you get more REM sleep.
  2. Luxury Fabric Cover protects the mattress and conforms to your body for a smooth sleeping surface.
  3. Infused Memory Foam Layers provide comfort and pressure relief for restorative sleep and help you achieve a comfortable sleeping posture.
  4. Gel-Infused Memory Foam decreases the mattress’ heat retention caused by your warm body temperature and diffuses heat away from your body.
  5. Edge Support increases the sleep surface of your bed so you have plenty of room to rest.